I have a confession to make

I have a confession to make

I really enjoyed doing the more impromptu game with Scott Malthouse’s Unbelievably Simply Roleplaying (USR) for 29 February this year! In fact I enjoyed it enough that I want to do some more here on the blog. I will still work on TSR’s AC3 with Dungeon Crawl Classics but I want to play through the scenario completely and then type it up, right now it is an obligation to get it done each week and I don’t want to be in that spot. I’d rather finish it, write the whole thing up, break it down to a number of smaller weekly posts and then publish them.

So even though this post was going to introduce the first level DCC party to play through AC3 I am going to postpone posting any more of that series until I am finished. I apologize to anyone that was anticipating that series and I will get to it, just not quite yet.

If you listen to the podcast you may be aware Influenza A hit our house hard, the whole family got sick and some still haven’t recovered. Due to that I am quite behind on blog posts so today I don’t have a recap of a game session to post. Kind of crazy that I have been home a number of days in a row but haven’t managed to get a game in but that is how the cookie crumbled.

By the way in the novelization of 1981’s Dragonslayer we are told a sorcerer created dragons and that same sorcerer created the magical stone we see in the movie. The king knew about the stone and also knew dragons like to eat virgins on the equinox. The king came up with the semi-annual sacrifices and the dragon approves of it in the novel although that approval is only communicated by stopping its attacks. The novel does show some of the dragon’s dreams and the story of it growing up as well, it isn’t amazing literature but if you enjoyed the movie and find a cheap copy you may enjoy it.

That is all for this week, I’ll have a session recap, most probably using USR, up next week. Remember to be excellent to each other.

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