Interlude 1

Interlude 1

If you are reading this post life caught up with me and I didn’t get the next post for the current solo game typed up and ready for you. I apologize for that. In the mean time I prepared this post just in case so I can keep giving you weekly content. Hopefully we will be back to the adventure next week!

While I was growing up novelizations of movies were a big deal. These novelizations were often based on the original scripts and often contained details that didn’t make it into the movie. This made them essential reading for movie fans before the days of DVDs, deleted scenes and extended, director’s cuts of films. Funny enough with the big push towards streaming we are again loosing some of the best parts of DVDs and BluRays, deleted scenes and director’s commentaries.

Anyhow I would actively seek out the novelizations of the movies I either enjoyed or even ones I didn’t get to see in the theater. Even as late as 1989 I was buying them, I have one for Tim Burton’s Batman for example. I do think the heyday was the 1980’s, the Jaws movies, the Star Wars trilogy, the Indiana Jones films, The Black Hole, and on and on. You can still find many of these novelizations on the used market for pretty cheap, I would highly recommend trying one out to see what you think. But be warned, it may turn into an addiction!

I will be back next week, until that time be excellent to each other!

PS there is always one that got away, in my case it is the Phantasm novelization. Don Coscarelli’s Phantasm series is one of my favorite horror franchises but sadly the novelization is very rare and expensive on the used market.

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